Air pollution has become a very serious health risk for most people living in urban areas. Having just moved to New York, I am quickly becoming aware of how unhealthy it feels to breathe in the air outside, some parts being worse than others. It is still unclear as to when the effects of carbon dioxide buildup in the air will start to heal (if ever), so in the meantime, what better way to protect ourselves than with a cheap and easy-to-use inhaler? This new inhaler was developed by a German company named Bitop and it makes use of Ectoine, a molecule that has the ability to form a layer of protection on human lung cells (for more information about this inhaler and how it functions, click here). The inhaler will be releasing in the near future and it will only cost $20/month. This is a real bargain, especially when all the possible negative effects of air pollution are taken into account. There’s the increased risk of lung cancer, increased sensitivity to asthma, irritation to the face, allergies, and many more unwelcome health risks. For a full list to all the health risks associated with air pollution, visit this page. Therefore, while governments and experts around the world search for a solution to this ever-worsening problem, it is important for us to keep safe from all these detrimental and vexing pollution particles that surround us any time we step outside in New York. Look for this product late this year (in Germany or Poland) or in 2017 (worldwide).