I have come to terms with the Anthropocene. This is the age I live in. There is no more wilderness and nature, because man has even altered that. Numbers such as 7.5 billion people and 400 ppm are our reality. But the single thing I remain unsure of is whether or not this Anthropocene can possibly be good. Our future is not spoken for. We still remain in the driver’s seat; we can change our trajectory.

It is a question of whether or not humans will thrive under pressure. What will we do to change our course that is set to crash? Wind energy can be our answer for a “good Anthropocene.” In the next few days, the United States will see its first off shore wind turbines at Block Island go live. Rhode Island will be the first state to have commercially generated electricity utilizing off shore wind turbines.This 30 megawatt, 5 turbine structure is set to supply the majority of power for Block Island, but also to decrease the air pollution throughout the New England Region. The single wind farm is expected to lower carbon emissions by 40,000 tons annually. The Block Island Wind Project marks the beginning of what hopes to be the first in long series of clean energy sites along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

However, this fledging clean energy industry is expected to experience turbulence under the Trump, an open critic of wind power; his primary opposition to off shore energy at his Scotland golf course is due the fact that the wind farm would obscure the scenic view. Investors and developers currently wait for more information concerning the president-elect’s plans for policy. With Thomas Pyle at the helm of Trump’s energy transition team, we can expect that his administration team will remain skeptical of renewable energy sources.

As we find the world changing at an unprecedented rate, we must look to put the needs of the planet before our own. Sustainability for future generations will have to take precedent over our desires for picturesque postcards. We can only hope for federal government support to continue as it did during the Obama administration to possibly have “good” Anthropocene.